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Eligible WRT Elective Courses

WRT courses eligible for credit toward the ETS major "elective" requirement

WRT 301: Advanced Writing Studio: Civic Writing

WRT 302: Advanced Writing Studio: Digital Writing

WRT 303: Advanced Writing Studio: Research and Writing

WRT 307: Advanced Writing Studio: Professional Writing

WRT 308: Advanced Writing Studio: Style

WRT 417/617: Advanced Technical Documentation

WRT 419/619: Advanced Technical Writing Workshop

WRT 422: Studies in Creative Nonfiction

WRT 423: African American Rhetoric

WRT 424: Studies in Writing, Rhetoric, and Identity

WRT 426: Studies in Writing, Rhetoric, and Information Technology

WRT 427/627: Writing in Design and Development Environments

WRT 428: Studies in Composition, Rhetoric, and Literacy

WRT 437/637: Information Architecture and Technical Documentation

WRT 440: Studies in the Politics of Language and Writing

WRT 447/647: Technical Writing for a Global Audience