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William Sean Dillon Marple

William Sean Dillon Marple

MA Student

018 HB Crouse Hall

    • Degree: Began PhD program in 2015
    • Concentration: American Literature (19th-century)
    • Advisor: Dorri Beam

    Wil is studying American literature of the long nineteenth century, with special attention to the Transcendentalists and other authors of the “American Renaissance.” He is particularly interested in the emergence of American philosophical expression throughout the nineteenth century, and in the ability to read the literary texts of the period as participating in philosophical development.  He believes that new-materialist readings of these texts, in which mind-body and subject-object distinctions are blurred, offer a compelling alternative to a system of Cartesian dualism in formulating a conception of personhood and of being in the world.

    • BA English, Gettysburg College