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Hillarie Curtis

Hillarie Curtis

PhD Student and Teaching Associate

437 Hall of Languages

    Hillarie Curtis

    • Degree: Began PhD program in 2016
    • Concentration: Film and Screen Studies
    • Advisor: Roger Hallas

    Hillarie is a PhD student in the film and screen studies track within the English program. They are studying both film and literature in the periods surrounding American involvement in WWI, WWII, and the Cold War. Of particular interest to them are the intersections of wartime valor narratives, accounts of traumatic experience, and representations of masculinity in popular texts. Within these overarching gender constructs, Hillarie pursues moments where genre-specific elements (such as monstrosity) act alongside authorial decisions by writers, producers, and directors to outwit systems of censorship and allow for representations of queer masculinity. Hillarie teaches introductory courses in film and popular culture. 

    • MA English, University of Toledo
    • BA English, University of Toledo