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Vicky Cheng

Vicky Cheng

PhD Candidate

400 Hall of Languages

    • Degree: Began PhD program in 2013
    • Concentration: 19th-century British Literature
    • Advisor: Claudia Klaver

    Vicky Cheng entered the Ph.D. program in 2013 (B.A., English, Furman University). Her research and teaching interests focus on nineteenth-century British literature and culture, with a specific focus on queer and feminist readings of Victorian texts. Her forthcoming dissertation project will read, define, and reframe textual representations of the Victorian female body and non-biological forms of re-production / regeneration through a queer lens. 

    She has assisted in teaching ETS 114: Survey of British Literature (1789 to Present) and ETS 145: Reading Popular Culture, and has taught ETS/WGS 192: Gender and Literary Texts, ETS 153: Interpretation of Fiction, ETS 155: Interpretation of Nonfiction, and ETS 182: Race and Literary Texts. 

    • BA English, Furman University