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Amy Burnette

Amy Burnette

PhD Candidate

401 Hall of Languages

    • Degree: Began PhD program in 2010
    • Concentration: British Literature (Early Modern)
    • Advisor: Dympna Callaghan

    Amy Burnette is currently at work on her dissertation project, ​Praxis Memoriae: The Technique of Memory in English Renaissance Literature, 1580-1630, which explores how ideas circulating about memory, namely within the context of the humanist revival of the classical ars memoria, supplied authors with a theory and practice of literary invention. She has taught courses including ETS 113: Survey of British Literature to 1789, ETS 121: Introduction to Shakespeare, ETS 153: Interpretation of Fiction, ETS 182: Race and Literary Texts, and ETS/WGS 192: Gender and Literary Texts.

    • MA English, Appalachian State University
    • BA English, English and Sociology, Appalachian State University