April 9, 2015

THE 2015






3:30-5:30 pm


IN HL 211



Come hear students presenting poems, critical essays, lesson plans and short stories.

Food will be served!


Panel 1:  Literary and Creative Explorations of Crime

Elizabeth Dreeson, “Macbeth’s Usurpation of Plot”

Kellie Miller, “The Revival”

Jacqueline Pereira, “Policing in Oliver Twist

Panel 2:  Religion, Temporality, and Literature

Stephanie Towne, “Insight into the Mind of a Prominent Literary Figure: Analysis of a Charles Dickens Letter”

Alex Aronson, “Religion in The Mist

Alexander Kim, “Schrödinger’s Koopa: Modal Stories in the Land of Simulation”

Panel 3
:  Explorations of Interiority

Alice Chen, “Nothing”

Olivia Morris, “Mrs. Ramsay’s Eddy: Punctuation in Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse

Mary Salmonsen, “Dana” a chapter from Imperfect Imitations

Elizabeth Cattaneo, “Anxiety Attacks—A How To Guide”

Taylor Arias, “Adapt: A Last Name” and “Never Knew”

Panel 4:  Topics in Feminist Literary Criticism   

Johnathan McClintick, “Bruising the Serpent’s Head: Reading Resistance in Paradise Lost

Alexa Abdalla, “A Defense for Alexander Portnoy: Analyzing the Affliction of Philip Roth’s Most Notoriously Misogynist Character”

Alice Blank, “The Effeminate Sovereign: Brought Down by Giants”

Carina Clores, “Rosalind as Ganymede: Misogynist or Female Empowerment?”

Panel 5: Literary and Creative Explorations of Relationships 

Erin Morris, “Mythological Catharsis: Romanticism of the Problematic in ‘Yellow Woman’”

Caroline Mahony, Untitled

Simon Staples-Vangel, “Whatever Floats Your Boat: Walt Whitman’s Portrayal of Sexual Utopia”

Panel 6: Original Student Poetry

Steven Henry Young, “Mr. Worry Naught”

Jacob Gedetsis, “Uncollected” and “That Glance”

Yevgeniya Muravyova, “And Around,” “I thought We Cleaned Them Out,” “I Am Foxy, You See,” and “Late Fall Rain”