ETS Major Elected President of Syracuse Chapter of Delta Kappa Alpha

Duncan Lambden

May 3, 2017
Duncan Lambden, a rising senior ETS major, has been elected president of the Syracuse chapter of Delta Kappa Alpha, a co-ed professional fraternity for cinema. He had this to say about his plan for his administration:
"I am the first president of the Syracuse chapter of Delta Kappa Alpha who is pursuing a degree in ETS rather than film. Originally this was a concern for me, but I came to realise that my desire to be an author runs parallel to many of my colleagues' desires to be involved in film. I have a powerful passion for storytelling and fiction, be it through literature, film, or any other vehicle, and I hope that I can embody this passion during my term as president. One of DKA's biggest goals starting out was to bridge the gap between TRF (or Newhouse in general) and VPA. Since its inception, there have been enormous strides towards this goal, and now I wish to broaden the scope to the Screen Studies area of ETS, as well as anyone who has a passion for storytelling or the cinematic arts."