Meet April's Alumni of the Month: Sawyer Kemp

Sawyer Kemp

April 3, 2017
Meet our April Alumni of the Month! Sawyer Kemp graduated in 2011 with distinction in English and Textual Studies, as well as a degree in Women’s and Gender Studies and a minor in Latin Classics. They are currently studying for their Ph.D. in English at the University of California, Davis, where they study Early Modern theater. They are involved in several major digital humanities projects with the UC Davis ModLab, an interdisciplinary game studies lab. They also participate in dramaturgy and recently co-chaired the UCD English Graduate Student Association. We asked them how their experience at Syracuse University helped in their success:
"English as a discipline trains you to make critical or interesting connections between materials, to seek out systems and understand how they operate, and to articulate those findings in direct, clear ways. This is an amazingly transferable skill set. I’m also teaching courses and mentoring undergraduate interns [...] I’ve also done part time work in promotion, game design, and brand outreach — this is all English! (Always already English?) A couple of years ago, Margie Ferguson (whom I adore) described the project of the humanities as 'teaching ourselves to communicate about the things we value' and I’ve tried to get really earnest about that."