Maymester ETS 410, Victorian Poetry of Love and Desire

May 11, 2016

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No prior knowledge of poetry is expected or assumed in this innovative course that mixes in-class meetings, outings, and online activities. Victorian love poems are frequently dismissed as embarrassingly sappy and sentimental. Although we will read a representative selection of poems that have helped to establish this reputation, a central premise of this course is that Victorian poetry of love and desire frequently wrestles with the epistemology of love (how does one know love? how does one know the other through love?) as well as the phenomenology of love (how do we experience it?) and is therefore far more complex. While we will spend time in the classroom studying poems from the era, we will also set out on foot to participate in a number of experiential activities together. We will visit the SU Art Galleries and Bird Library Special Collections; attempt to cook a few items from a Victorian cookbook; and participate in a poetry slam. We will meet in person for the first week of the course. The remaining work will be completed online and through virtual office hours. For questions about the course, please email Prof. Kevin Morrison.