April 15, 2016

The annual ETS Undergraduate Conference was held on Friday April 15, from 3:30 to 5:30 in HL 211. The schedule featured a variety of presentations, including critical essays, poetry, and short fiction written for ETS courses.


female student presenting at ets conference

Panel 1: Short Fiction
Alice Blank: “Fall Back”
Danielle Ledesma: Untitled
Alice Chen: “Beautiful Humans,” “Bad Tone”

Panel 2: Theorizing the Early Modern Stage
Liz Lillie: “Incest on the Stuart Stage as a Response to a Shifting Social Structure”
Zachary Ashare: “Hamlet’s Torment: Screenplays as Tools”

male student presenting at ets conference

Panel 3: Poetry
Cody Benbow: “Mutiny,” “That Tangier Sky,” “An Evocation,” “Acts of Remembrance”
Kellie Miller: “You Were Never There”
Mi-jung Kwon: “I’m Most Sad When,” “Mr. Bill,” “They Don’t Think I Remember”
Santiago De Jesus Villalobos: “Of Hearts and Hands,” “Yo Confieso”

male student presenting at ets conference

Panel 4: Re-imagining Social Boundaries
Zainab Abdali: “Language as a Weapon in the Postcolonial World”
Saraounia Mboka-Boyer: “Queering the Boundary Between Life/Death, Body/Soul in The Day I Died”
Aaron Guttenplan: “Allen Ginsberg’s ‘America’: An Ambivalent Love Letter”

students in classroom at ets conference

Panel 5: Short Fiction
Alexander Kerekes: “Freddy the Scourge”
Fernely Durand: “Y-ggep Lilac”
Mark DiBona: “It Will Happen”