George Saunders featured in The New Yorker

George Saunders

February 5, 2016

George Saunders, a longtime professor in the English Department's M.F.A. Program in Creative Writing, has continually received public praise and awards for his simple, yet satirical stories. The New Yorker published Saunders' latest short story, entitled "Mother's Day," for their February 8 & 16, 2016 issue. "Mother's Day" looks into the lives of two women who were once in love with the same man. According to magazine, Saunders has published over 20 short stories for The New Yorker since 1992. In addition, posted on February 1, Deborah Treisman promotes "Mother's Day" with her interview with Saunders ranging in topics from parenting to his short story and novel writing. 

"I think stories give pleasure more in the how they say what they say, rather than in (or, I guess, in conjunction with) the what they are saying," says Saunders.

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