Apr 15, 2016


The annual ETS Undergraduate Conference was held on Friday April 15, from 3:30 to 5:30 in HL 211. The schedule featured a variety of presentations, including critical essays, poetry, and short fiction written for ETS courses.


Panel 1: Short Fiction
Alice Blank: “Fall Back”
Danielle Ledesma: Untitled
Alice Chen: “Beautiful Humans,” “Bad Tone”

Panel 2: Theorizing the Early Modern Stage
Liz Lillie: “Incest on the Stuart Stage as a Response to a Shifting Social Structure”
Zachary Ashare: “Hamlet’s Torment: Screenplays as Tools”

Panel 3: Poetry
Cody Benbow: “Mutiny,” “That Tangier Sky,” “An Evocation,” “Acts of Remembrance”
Kellie Miller: “You Were Never There”
Mi-jung Kwon: “I’m Most Sad When,” “Mr. Bill,” “They Don’t Think I Remember”
Santiago De Jesus Villalobos: “Of Hearts and Hands,” “Yo Confieso”

Panel 4: Re-imagining Social Boundaries
Zainab Abdali: “Language as a Weapon in the Postcolonial World”
Saraounia Mboka-Boyer: “Queering the Boundary Between Life/Death, Body/Soul in The Day I Died”
Aaron Guttenplan: “Allen Ginsberg’s ‘America’: An Ambivalent Love Letter”

Panel 5: Short Fiction
Alexander Kerekes: “Freddy the Scourge”
Fernely Durand: “Y-ggep Lilac”
Mark DiBona: “It Will Happen”

Summer 2017 ETS 119-1: Sounds of Protest and Change: Literature of the American Civil Rights Movement
May 19, 2017
MoTuWeTh 2:00-3:45p.m. | Dr. Meina Yates-Richard How did the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements impact American literature?

Faculty and PhD candidate receive Humanities Center fellowships
May 17, 2017
Dr. Mike Goode (Associate Professor) will be a Faculty Fellow in Spring 2018; T.J. West (PhD candidate) will be a Dissertation Fellow in 2017-2018.

PhD students chosen for teaching awards
May 16, 2017
Evan Hixon and T.J. West have received Outstanding TA Awards; Amy Burnette and T.J. West have received James Elson Teaching Awards

MAYmester ETS 410-5: Ghosts, Money, and Monsters in the Victorian Short Story
May 16, 2017
MTWTF 8 a.m.-noon | Dr. Claudia Klaver When it comes to weird, we have NOTHING on the Victorians.