English Statement About Theta Tau Video

April 19, 2018

19 April 2018

The Department of English faculty and graduate students strongly denounce the discriminatory and insulting Theta Tau fraternity videos. Reminded again of how much needs to be done, we pledge to keep working hard to create an environment in which all students are welcomed and nurtured. We are committed to working to create a University and Departmental culture that is anti-racist, anti-homophobic, anti-sexist, and anti-ableist. We will be contacting students soon to invite your input on the role of the Department of English in changing Syracuse University’s campus climate.

In solidarity,

Chris Barnes
Frankie Barnet
Crystal Bartolovich
Dorri Beam
Ian Brine
Michael Burkard
Dympna Callaghan
Maxwell Cassity
Molly Cavanaugh
Alexandra Chang
Vicky Cheng
Ariel Chu
Steven Cohan
Sean M. Conrey
Lauren Cooper
Rhyse Curtis
Deyasini Dasgupta
Jonathan Dee
Steven Doles
Susan Edmunds
Sarah Edwards
Christopher Eng
Carol Fadda
Sarah Fielding
Arthur Flowers
Christopher Forster
Jules Gibbs
Elizabeth Gleesing
Michael Goode
Erin Gravley
Roger Hallas
Christopher Hanson
Sarah Harwell
Brooks Haxton
Libby Hayhurst
Noelle Hedgcock
Víctor Hernández
Evan Hixon
Mary Karr
Christopher Kennedy
Haejoo Kim
Coran Klaver
Erin Mackie
Jakob Maier
Wil Marple
Patricia Moody
Mark Muster
Bridget O'Bernstein
Alexandra O’Connell
Jacob Oet
Ashley O’Mara
Eve Payne
Dan Peck
David Peterka
Patricia Roylance
Alexander Sammartino
John Sanders
George Saunders
Will Scheibel
Kevin Searle
Anastasia Selby
Stephanie Shirilan
Ruma Sinha
Tyler Smart
Bruce Smith
Rachel Snyder-Lockman
Anthony Veasna So
Dana Spiotta
Keith Stahl
Simon Staples-Vangel
Scott Manning Stevens
Harvey Teres
Silvio Torres-Saillant
Annie Trizna
T.J. West III
Meina Yates-Richard
Allyson Young