New ETS Courses

ETS 305-3 and ETS 441-1

ETS 305-3 and ETS 441-1

August 11, 2017

Two new ETS courses are open for enrollment this fall:

ETS 305-3: Performance Studies
Dr. Chris Eng
MW 5:15-6:25pm

How does performance make bodies matter? 

This course grapples with the politics of performance, seeking the limits and opportunities for the movement of bodies to create broader social movements.

ETS 441-1: Milton and the English Revolution
Dr. Crystal Bartolovich
TuTh 12:30-1:50pm

What does freedom — of religion, of speech, of the individual — mean? 

John Milton was a propagandist for — and critic of — the English revolutionary government. Through his writings, we will examine the relation of poetry to politics in the context of political, religious, and social ferment in seventeenth-century England. ETS pre-1900 course

Read more about the courses on our Course Descriptions page.