Meet June's Alumni of the Month: Miranda Larsen

Miranda Larson (2011)

Miranda Larson (2011)

June 1, 2017

Meet our June Alumni of the Month! Miranda Larsen graduated magnum cum laude in 2011 with distinction in English and Textual Studies, as well as a minor in Religion and Society. She is currently a PhD student in the Information, Technology, and Society in Asia Program at the University of Tokyo, where her research focuses on transcultural constructions and appeals of masculinity in East Asian popular music, particularly male Korean idol groups and their female fans in Tokyo. Additionally, she works as a Lecturer in English Communications at Bunkyo Gakuin University and as a Teaching Assistant at the Center for Development of Global Leadership Education at the University of Tokyo. We asked her how her experience at Syracuse University helped in her success:

"The engagement with text and theory I found in the ETS program are still the guiding principles of my academic attitude today. I actually matriculated at Syracuse with a different major, and took Reading Popular Culture in my very first semester with Professor Emeritus Steven Cohan to fulfill the Liberal Arts Core requirement. It was transformative; I found out I could engage with popular media texts as seriously as any canon. I changed my major to ETS as soon as humanly possible and never looked back. I remember writing a paper about Survivor in that class — a program I’m still a fan of today — and feeling absolutely amazed that I could do such a thing while also taking classes on Shakespeare and Arthurian Literature! My scholarly success in both film studies and my current program are directly tied to the ETS curriculum’s focus on intertextuality, historicity, cultural studies, gender/race/identity, and psychoanalytic theory. I feel absolutely comfortable taking a multimodal approach, which is a skill honed repeatedly in ETS courses."

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