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Honors and Awards Won Recently by Graduate Students

All-University Doctoral Prize

awarded by the Graduate School to recognize superior achievement in completed dissertations

2018 – T.J. West III
2016 – Peter Katz
2012 – Jessica Kuskey
2011 – Michael Dwyer
2010 – Jonathan Singleton
2007 – Beatrice Skordili
2006 – Brinda Charry

Humanities Center Dissertation Fellowships

awarded annually by the Humanities Center to two students completing dissertations with strong humanities content and methods and contributing to advancing one of the disciplines of study within the humanities

2019 – Ashley O'Mara and Haejoo Kim2018 – Adam Kozaczka
2017 – T.J. West III
2016 – Amy Burnette
2015 – Melissa Welshans
2014 – Sarah Barkin
2012 – Sandeep Banerjee and Rinku Chatterjee
2011 – Soumitree Gupta
2010 – Tanushree Ghosh
2009 – Jonathan Singleton

Outstanding TA Awards

awarded by the Graduate School's TA Program to recognize Teaching Assistants who have made distinguished contributions to Syracuse University by demonstrating excellence in significant instructional capacities

2019 – Haejoo Kim and Lauren Cooper
2018 – Maxwell Cassity (PhD) and Tyler Smart (M.A.)
2017 – T.J. West III and Evan Hixon
2016 – Staci Stutsman and Matt Chacko
2015 – Lindsey Decker, Melissa Welshans, and Emily Kaufman
2013 – Thomas Witholt
2012 – Elizabeth Stearns
2011 – Steven Doles, Gohar Siddiqui, and Megan Poole
2010 – Michael Dwyer, Rachel Collins, and Laurel Ahnert
2007 – Jonathan Singleton

James Elson Teaching Awards

awarded by the Department of English to recognize outstanding teaching by a graduate assistant in a course in the English department

2019 – Elizabeth Gleesing
2018 – Vicky Cheng
2017 – Amy Burnette and T.J. West III
2016 – Staci Stutsman
2015 – Melissa Welshans
2014 – Lindsey Frank and Peter Katz
2013 – Thomas Witholt
2011 – Elizabeth Stearns and Gohar Siddiqui
2010 – Jessica Kuskey and Rinku Chatterjee
2008 – Jonathan Singleton; Honorable mention: Tanushree Ghosh
2007 – Sarah Russo
2006 – Cristina Stasia

Mary Hatch Marshall Award

awarded by Members of Library Associates for the best essay written by a graduate student in the humanities at the University

2019 – Mark Muster 
2018 – Thomas J. West III
2014 – Adam Kozaczka
2013 – Jessica Kuskey
2011 – Sarah Barkin
2009 – Jessica Kuskey
2008 – Jonathan Singleton
2007 – Jonathan Singleton
2006 – Jonathon Butts 

African American Studies Fellowship

2019 Caroline Charles

MESP Young Scholar Prize

awarded by the Middle Eastern Studies Program

2019 – Natalie El-Eid

Cheryl F. Plawsky Summer Fellowship

awarded by the Department of English to recognize demonstrated service and involvement in the department

2019 – Hsiao-Wen Cheng (Vicky)
2018 – Maxwell Cassity

Joseph Hughes Memorial Summer Fellowship

awarded by the Department of English

The Joseph Hughes' Summer Fellowship was created to honor the memory of the late Joseph Hughes, a member of our own PhD program from 2008-2013. Joe first received his BA from Loyola University, followed by an MFA from Notre Dame before attending SU as a University Fellow. Joe was deeply committed to the pursuit of knowledge, and this scholarship is intended to honor his memory by providing students with the financial support to assist in the advancement of their own scholarly

2019 – Ashley O'Mara
2018 – Rachel Snyder-Lockman
2017 – Adam Kozaczka

Summer Dossertation Fellowships

awarded by the Graduate School

2019 – Ashley O'Mara, Haejoo Kim, Rachel Snyder-Lockman, and Johnathan Sanders