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The Future Professoriate Project

Developed by the Graduate School at Syracuse under grants from FIPSE and The Pew Charitable Trusts, the Future Professoriate Project seeks to integrate additional preparation for teaching into the graduate experience to help advanced Ph.D. students successfully make the transition to becoming assistant professors. The project has invited departments across campus to offer faculty mentorship, professional development seminars, and new teaching opportunities to their Ph.D. students. The English Department joined this project in the fall of 1995. Ph.D. students join the Future Professoriate Project when they become teaching associates with classrooms of their own.  Ph.D. students who enter the program with an M.A. serve as teaching associates in their second and third years, while Ph.D. students entering with a B.A. serve as teaching associates in their third and fourth years. All teaching associates teach one 100-level undergraduate course in English and Textual Studies a semester. These courses relate both to the ETS major and to the Ph.D. student’s area of interest and expertise. The students select a faculty teaching mentor, participate in FPP meetings and teaching seminars during the semester, produce a teaching portfolio, and earn a Certificate in University Teaching. The teaching seminars are open to all interested students and faculty in the department.  The project complements the work of the department’s annual professional development workshops for graduate students, which offer seminars in preparing for examinations, giving conference papers, getting essays published, and preparing to write a dissertation.  FPP also offers mock interviews and provides other assistance to students as they enter the job market.