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Eric Vilas-Bolas ('12)

Eric Vilas-Bolas ('12)

Associate SEO Editor

    Eric Vilas-Boas graduated with a double major in English Textual Studies and Magazine Journalism (Newhouse) in 2012; for his work in the English, he received the Newell W. Rossman, Jr., Scholarship in the Humanities. He is now Associate SEO Editor for Thrillist in New York City, and also writes about animated films and television for The Dot and Line on Medium.

    How has your ETS major helped you succeed?
    It's safe to say I've used the close reading and critical analysis skills I first formally learned in the English department on pretty much every professional writing or editing task I've undertaken since college. Being a successful writer is one of the most competitive life tracks you could undertake because it involves not just writing pretty sentences, but ensuring your thoughts and conclusions are sound and that you can engage with an editor with a degree of emotional maturity and discipline. It's never easy, but English classes can provide you with a very workable foundation to help you get there.

    Eric didn't know exactly what he wanted to be when grew up until eighth grade, when every kid in the class had to pick a profession to go with their yearbook photo. Facing existential ruin and surrounded by a future "doctor," "firefighter," and “astronaut” — he wrote the only thing he thought would always be true: "writer."