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Anastasia Selby ('15)

Anastasia Selby ('15)

MFA Student in Creative Writing

    Anastasia Selby graduated in 2015 with an ETS major in the Film Studies track after completing her Renée Crown Honors Capstone Project, titledThe Open Curtain: A Novel. Her project won both the Best Capstone Project (Creative) and the David Orlin Prize for Outstanding Capstone Project, and her research for the novel received funding from the Crown/Wise Capstone Award; she was also named a Remembrance Scholar. A transfer and nontraditional student with a background in wild-land firefighting, Anastasia worked for Literacy Corps during her studies at Syracuse. She is currently earning her MFA in the fiction track of the Creative Writing program at Syracuse University, where she is finishing revising her novel, and working on a handful of essays and short stories.

    How has an ETS major helped you succeed?
    "My ETS major helped me to look at things more critically. I think it's especially helpful for navigating the world now, with news that is so biased. I find myself asking questions and thinking critically rather than taking things at face value. My ETS major has also given me the confidence to write essays, which I had never really understood before. I do everything differently, and better.​"

    Anastasia currently lives in Syracuse and enjoys going for long walks around Green Lakes State Park, reading books, riding her bike, and hanging out with her friends. She also writes, which is less about liking and more about needing to.​