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Meredith Hale ('09)

Meredith Hale ('09)

Art Librarian

    Meredith Hale graduated in 2009 with honors in English and Textual studies and a second major in Illustration. Currently she is working as the Kress Fellow in Art Librarianship at Yale University. She is a member of the Art Library Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) and has presented the findings of her information-science master's paper at the 2016 ARLIS conference in Seattle.

    How has your ETS major helped you to succeed?
    It has helped in both my academic and professional careers. My English courses greatly improved my writing and critical thinking skills. I also really appreciated the flexibility of the program and the interdisciplinary nature of the department. Studying art in addition to English was important to me and the department was very supportive of double majors. The variety of "texts" considered, from canonical novels to more popular images and films, made classes both engaging and innovative. I think the openness with which cultural products were approached in ETS made it easier for me to transition to studying art and also encouraged me to embrace works with popular appeal.

    Outside of her interest in the written and visual arts, Meredith is addicted to running marathons and exploring nature.