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Rachael De Orio ('15)

Rachael De Orio ('15)

Law Student

    Rachael De Orio graduated in 2015 with distinction in English and Textual Studies and a minor in Political Science. She is currently studying for her J.D. at the Suffolk University Law School (Boston, MA), where she is Program Coordinator of the International Law Students Association, Secretary of the Black Law Students Association, and Secretary of the Patent Law Students Association. She is especially interested in public interest law and business law.

    How has your ETS major helped you succeed?
    Majoring in ETS prepared me for the rigorous work load of law school. The courses I took during my time at Syracuse University helped me develop my analytical and writing skills. I became efficient at reading and synthesizing large amounts material, which is very beneficial to my studies now as a law student. The various courses I took in areas of pre-1900s literature and literary theory, covering works from authors such as John Milton, Laurence Sterne, and Frances Burney, to name a few, improved my critical thinking and challenged me academically. I am very grateful for education I received and for all the dedicated faculty of the English Department who have helped me get to where I am today.

    When not buried away behind stacks of textbooks in the library, Rachael likes to explore the city of Boston and visit museums. She is terrified of riding a bicycle in the city, so she is happy to travel on foot, taking in the sights along the waterfront. She loves living in New England and is “wicked” pleased to study law in Boston. (She apologizes for referring to herself in third person.)