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Gohar Siddiqui (G'13)

Gohar Siddiqui (G'13)

Assistant Professor of English

Gohar graduated in 2013 and is currently Assistant Professor of English and the Film Minor Coordinator at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. Her dissertation was titled Déjà Viewed: Nation, Gender, and Genre in Bollywood Remakes of Hollywood Cinema. As a graduate student at Syracuse, she won the James Elson Teaching Award (2011) and the Outstanding TA Award (2011); she was also a University Fellow. Gohar is currently working on the book manuscript for her dissertation, along with an article that considers Indian-American identity on US Television. She is a member of SCMSNWSA, and PCA, and is in the process of reviving the international film festival at UW-Platteville in Spring 2017, for which she has recently obtained the Tournées Film Festival grant.

How has your experience as a PhD student at Syracuse helped you succeed?
I cannot count how many times people have told me that they are envious of the support and preparation I got at Syracuse as a graduate student. I wouldn’t be here without the mentorship of my teachers at Syracuse. I owe a lot to the English department, the WGS department, and our film studies reading group for preparing me with the breadth of knowledge necessary to develop my research on remakes and on docudramas.

At Syracuse I got plenty of amazing opportunities that have all helped me prepare for the job market and eased my way in my new job. An invaluable experience for me was serving on the hiring committee. It gave me an insight into how the job market works, what all committees look for in a candidate, and how faculty view a future colleague.

One of the best learning experiences for me at Syracuse was the TA training I got from professors when I was a teaching assistant for film, popular culture, and gender courses. Their guidance and feedback prepared me well for all aspects of teaching. I designed and taught my own courses in film, popular culture, literature, and gender at Syracuse, and it has been fairly easy for me to develop new and diverse courses at UW-Platteville.

Gohar lives in Dubuque, IA, with her main support system that helped her through grad school — her partner and her stress-busting trio of cats. They love watching films and TV shows (for research purposes, you know), but often find themselves procrastinating by binge-watching cute animal videos on YouTube.