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Kelsey Flint-Martin (G'15)

Kelsey Flint-Martin (G'15)

PhD Student in English

Kelsey graduated from the English MA program in 2015 and is now a PhD candidate in English at the University of South Carolina in Columbia. Her research explores the ways in which geographic space impacts the representation of mysticism in 20th Century African-American literature; she is also interested in the appearance of similar connections in MELUS literature, including Native American, Chicano, and Asian American literatures. She is a member of South Central MLA, and she is currently preparing for her comprehensive and oral exams, and working on an article and multiple conference papers.

How has your experience as an MA student at Syracuse helped you succeed?
Syracuse was my first experience in the graduate level of academia. While this was a bit of shock coming straight from my undergraduate program, the expectations of professors and the work load showed me what I was capable of achieving. The work ethic I developed at Syracuse has made balancing the professionalization of graduate school with classes and teaching much more manageable. My writing quality also improved tremendously. Finally, I am deeply appreciative of Susan Edmunds and Patty Roylance for being an amazing support system as they worked with me over the two years I attended Syracuse, and of Terri “T” for always being there and having the answers to everything!

Kelsey currently lives in Columbia, SC, where she is reading almost non-stop in preparation for her comprehensive exams. When she is not reading, she likes to bake and cook, watch football (or any other sport that is on at the moment), and drink excessive amounts of coffee.