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Mark Celeste (G'12)

Mark Celeste (G'12)

PhD Candidate in English

Mark graduated from the English MA program in 2012, and is now in his fourth year of studies for his PhD in English at Rice University. Building on his archival and historicist training at Syracuse, his research deals with maritime networks and exchanges in the British long nineteenth century. At Rice, he is head student copyeditor for SEL Studies in English Literature 1500-1900 and is also a teaching assistant in the first-year writing program. He is a member of member of the MLA and INCS (Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies), and has now participated twice in the annual Dickens Project week-long conference.

How has your experience as an MA student at Syracuse helped you succeed?
Syracuse taught me how to be an effective and professional scholar. My two years in the program laid the foundations that will serve me for years to come. Beyond the knowledge of content (texts and contexts, theories and trends, etc.), the Syracuse MA instilled both a strong work ethic and a strong intellectual curiosity. Moreover, at Syracuse I made personal and professional contacts with whom I still keep in touch, and I know that I can reach out to these people if I ever need them.

Mark lives in Houston with his fiancée (who, coincidentally, also earned an MA from Syracuse) and two cats (who, alas, did not earn MAs from Syracuse). When he’s not reading (for work or for pleasure), Mark enjoys making music, playing complicated board games, and swimming.